How to be the best?

best_cookieWorld is changing. Giving your best — is no longer enough. If you want to make a mark then you have to be among the best.

Some ideas to help you become the best;

Believe that you can be the best. It is about mindset. You can achieve what your mind can believe. Tell yourself that you can reach the top. It also helps to raise the level of your consciousness. When you consciousness passes a limiting threshold, it will become easier for you to believe that you can do it. In the times of despair and disbelief take inspiration from the lives of those who are already at the top.

Do it one step at a time. Just the thought of attempting to become the best can be overwhelming for some. Go about it one step a time. You can;

  • Set a reasonable time frame for achieving this
  • Find out about the leaders in your field
  • Learn from them on how they have reached there
  • Practice makes a man perfect — at least it can help you become better
  • Bring your uniqueness to your work — it can be your wit, ability to work hard or helping attitude

Focus on excellence. Gimmicks do not take you anywhere. Good PR may help you get your name out in front of those who matter. You better do it after you have grasped the basics and know your work. Your – quest to be the best — should be based on a solid foundation; foundation of knowledge, hard work and perseverance. Benchmark against best. Work over time to be as good, then better than many — and later among the best.

Do not be scared of starting again. You have a good shot of being among the best — in a field where you have some natural talent or flair. See if you fit the bill. If your heart tells you to go somewhere and your head elsewhere; then give it a thought; may be the field is not for you. Start again a field where you feel some connection and natural ability.

Do less. This can be your starting point. Make your mark doing one activity in style and then move to others. Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball legend. He raps, he acts, and he writes books. He started with basketball and then moved on to other areas. One more example, you see you area of interest as digital marketing but are not an expert in all major aspects of it — then start with SEO, or social media marketing and later take more responsibilities.

Do more. Practice makes a man perfect. A salesman who does 30 meeting a month is more likely to succeed than somebody who only 5 meetings in a month. The number of meeting will also depend on the industry you are working with — but this is to give you a perspective.

Think about writing. If you write daily you will see a marked in your quality of writing. Do more of what you want to improve. Out do others. Not everybody is regular, thorough and quality; bring these traits in you work and personality and people will reach out.

These steps should put you on the path to be among the best in your field.

Are you taking a shot at being the best?

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