Tough Talk Sunday: Writing a good book is not easy. Here is why?

Because first drafts are always shitty.

Not the best you can make them.

And the process of making them better, again and again, takes time.

The process is editing.

For example, you can write a short book in a week or less.

And a longer book in about 3-4 weeks.

But to make it publishing worthy, it can take it anywhere between 6-60 months, depending on the topic you are tackling.

I took less than this for my book because I had parts of it edited and done a year in advance, and I got external editors to work on my edits. 

When doing it again, I’ll get editors to edit my writing, but first I’d do my own edits first because that will make my book better.

There are two takeaways for you here.

Only write a book, if you really want to write it.

That is, do if you have a reason to do it. Like if you see it as a personal milestone or if you want to do it for building your business.

And, if you are doing it for growing your business, write a short book, related to what you sell or on core message.

Why? Because your goal should be to get done with it in under a year and still have time to run and grow your business. And best to write it once you have support running your business. Until then wait and grow your business using other easier means.

Hope you find value in this tough love.

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