What Do You Need To Make It Work as an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is both tough and easy.

Depends on how we do it.

If we do it without systems, planning and support, it is super tough.

With all these in place it is simple if not easy.

But you can’t build systems and do planning if you are not clear about what you are after.

That brings us to the most important thing an entrepreneur needs.

It is the singularity of focus.

For Mark Zuckeberg it was growth, anything did not grow his user base, he said no to it.

For Noah Kagan, creator of Sumo, it was his plugin installed on one million sites.

For you, it can be 10% cash flow growth month on month.

Singularity of focus keeps you away from chasing shiny objects.

Anything that does not help you meet your single goal, you don’t do it. 

Next build your systems, processes and plans around that single goal.

Once you have that in place, onboard people who can support you in achieving what your single goal is.

It is that simple.

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