When You Choose the Right Thing to Work On, You Don’t Have To Worry About Anything Else.

Find something that energizes you when you work on it.

Then you’ll never have to worry about productivity or time management or procrastination.

We procrastinate when we are bored or dread what we have to do.

If you are starting from zero and haven’t found that things are curious like a child. Don’t be interested in one thing or one niche. Try what looks interesting. 

Then let the energy be your guide. Whatever energizes you, do more of that.

Soon you’ll find something that can be your focus for the next 5 years or for life who knows.

If you want to make a vocation or business out of it, then share what you are doing, learning or where you are failing.

This will help you build your initial audience who will buy what you make.

You can do all this in one year, and no longer worry about being bored, or unproductive.

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