Write the Story of Your Life, Then Live It

It is not impossible.

If once you write it, you let your actions follow that story.

Though it is easier said than done.

That’s why you need checks and balances to make sure that you don’t falter.

To further ensure your success build a team around the story you write.

When you sit down to write this story, first, write a macro version.

Then get into details, as much as you can.

Write what all will need to happen for each part of the story to come true.

Who and what resources will you need?

For people, start connecting with them early enough.

Same for resources, gather them before you need them.

You heard about digging the well before you’re thirsty, right?

Gamify the action if you need to, by building in small treats for yourself and those involved.

Also, plan for roadblocks that you foresee.

As you move forward it’s ok to tweak the story.

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