7 Ways To Grow Your Brand on Any Social Media Platform


Store ideas. As soon as you have them. 

If you don’t record ideas when they come you’ll lose them.

Use this ‘idea reserve’ to never be short of ideas to post and things to talk about.


Follow those who are ahead of you, note what’s working for them and apply it.


Use what you have, your existing content.

Repurpose your best content across platforms.


Cross-promote your profiles and content across platforms.


Partner with other creators who have an audience that you want to reach.

Help them grow their presence and get their help to grow yours, by getting them to mention or feature you and your content.


Talk to people.

This will engage people and turn some of them from followers to fans.

Get people to talk to you.

By running polls, asking questions, and running giveaways.

When they talk they get invested in a relationship with you and will be more likely to remember you and talk about you. This will generate word of mouth.


Leverage analytics, native, or using a third-party tool to find out the best time to post and post at those times.

This will increase visibility for your content and your work.

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