Write Better With These 7 Tips

1/ Write when you have something meaningful to say. This boils down to writing what you know and are interested in, and some readers are interested in reading.

2/ Use simple words.

3/ Vary sentence length. Short sentences. Also, write long sentences. Then short sentences. 

3/ Open a paragraph with the essence of what you want to say. Explain what you want to say to support and add more about what you said in the first sentence.

4/ Ruthlessly delete what does not belong. After you’ve written your first draft, break it into single sentences to see if that sentence adds value. Remove all unnecessary sentences. Group the ones that need to go into a paragraph.

5/ Read out loud what you wrote and edit anything that does not sound right.

6/ Put your writing through the Hemingway app to see if an 8-year-old can understand what you wrote.

7/ Send it to some beta readers who can give you feedback on your draft or hire an editor to help improve.

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