How to Transition from Services To Info Products

This is for those who run a service-based business and want to transition to building a course or resource they can make once and sell multiple times but don’t have time to do it.

Raise the price and reduce the number of clients to do this. 

Here is how!

Give value to those you work with and get testimonials.

Use this social proof to increase the price for the next set of clients you get.

Say goodbye to 1-2 clients who are not a good fit, are not profitable, or are just a pain in the ass.

Now don’t be in a rush to hire another client.

Continue creating content on the side and publish it on a public platform (Twitter or LinkedIn) to build an audience.

When you have an engaged audience of 300-500 people, announce an in-person course.

Serve them to learn about their pain, get feedback and testimonials, and improve and relaunch the course.

This time raise prices and run another class. All this time, continue serving your clients and audience building on the side. 

Raise your prices for services once again for the next set of clients after getting more testimonials and showcasing them.

Drop 3-4 clients who are not a good fit, are not profitable or are just a pain in the ass.

Do so that you reach a point where 2-3 clients cover all your expenses and leave some room for savings and exploration.

If you do audience building right while doing the above, you should be between 1k-5k followers. One thing to remember is to build followers around one or two topics or themes, the same themes your course was on.

Now build and launch a small self-paced course. Sell it at a price point that is a no-brainer for your audience and market. 

Continue prompting by embedding it in your content.

Give it all 12-18 months, and you will have created an income stream that does not take much of your time and keep earning on its own.

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