The Ability To Work With Constraints Is a Superpower

Because it is rare to have ideal situations whatever you work on.

  • Environment
  • Resources  
  • People we work with.
  • And when we get results – are not in our control.

And if we can work well even when situations are not ideal – we can win a lot.

Because more often than not, we fail because we are not able to cope with external situations because of our behavioural traits.

And if we can overcome these limitations we can move past all those who can’t work with these limitations.

Let me share an example with you.

A startup has big plans to launch a software product.

But they don’t have the resources, the funding to deploy money to hire people the best talent.

A startup founder is not able to work within this constraint may close showup.

But someone who can work with constraints will get creative and think a way to work around this, like hiring entry level employees and investing in training them and get the product off the ground at 30% of the usual costs.

This plays out in day to day life also.

Someone who doesn’t eat well and still wants to stay lean will cut a meal from her diet and eat slowly to get more nutritious juices from whatever they eat.

Someone who can’t live with constraints will pile on more flab and it affects other parts of life work too.

You get the idea – when we can work with constraints, we keep our balance and get stuff done. And that ensures their progress.

Do you work well with constants?

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