Don’t Work With Clients Who Want the World for Low or No Money

If you have been in any kind of service business, you know there are clients who want 5-star service for hostel bunk bed pricing.

Then there are old clients who worked with you at some point when you were one of the low priced options, and who 3 years later want you to offer the same rates.

Or those prospects who never decide even asking for and receiving 4 proposals over 6 months.

Ignore all such clients and focus on those who can take you closer to your goal fast.

Who are the clients who can you can take you towards your goal?

Those who, 

  • Appreciate that you are in the business to offer value and get value in return, in form of money.
  • Don’t suck your energy in payment follow-ups.
  • Are happy mostly and open in communication.
  • See working with you as a partnership where they also have responsibilities, like providing clear inputs
  • Are not the kind who always choose the lowest cost option. Nothing wrong with saving money, but the money saved for clients should not be at the cost of your profits.

But what are your goals anyway?

Or what do you want from your business?

More money, without big hassle so that you can create the freedom for yourself to not be an employee of your business, to be able to reach a point where you can work on whatever you want.

So, welcome any clients who help you with that goal with their business and money.

Ignore those who come in the way of you finding such clients or servicing those well who you’ve found.

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