Buy Your Freedom Before Buying Stuff

And you don’t need to be an entrepreneur for doing it.

See everyone can’t be an entrepreneur.

But anyone can be financially free if they are intentional about it, even when they are in a job.

To do that you just need to earn high enough and be aggressive with saving and go up to a savings rate of 50% or higher.

Why a high savings rate is important because without it you’d never be able to get out of the trap of the corporate world.

What is this trap that I talk about?

The trap where your income keeps on increasing. You keep on thinking that your lifestyle is getting better because you are buying stuff all the time. But it is the stuff you don’t have time to enjoy.

And, while your income is increasing, so are your expenses because of stuff you are buying, stuff you don’t or won’t enjoy much. So you are forced to work for many decades during the prime of your life or stuff that you barely like or hate in many cases.

It’s okay when you need money to survive but not for forever.

So the point is – get out as soon as you can.

Be in the job, if you like that. It is ok if you are not entrepreneurs.

But get out of the trap of working on something you don’t want to. For this, build some assets so that you don’t have to trade time for money if you don’t want to.

The only way out of this, is to delay gratification and get out of addiction of buying stuff and playing status games. It is easier said than done.

So, the only way is to just commit and do it.

Don’t buy into stuff that takes your freedom away.

Instead buy your freedom first, by watching your behaviour about stuff and money.

And, when you have that do whatever you want to the extent that you don’t lose that freedom again.

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