Are You Working As Hard as You Think You Are?

Most likely, no.

When we say we are working too much, we often count all the time we spend sitting in front of a screen, thinking that we are working.

For many of those hours in front of the screen, we may barely be moving ahead if at all.

Has it happened with you?

When you sat with your brain fogged, and your body wanting to rest, with your laptop open and unable to complete anything significant.

If yes, then you are not alone.

It happens to almost all of us. Usually, when we are way past the point of diminishing return. 

At such times, it takes 4 hours to complete what would take the same (rested) brain 1 hour.

So, next time when you are thinking you are working too hard, ask yourself a tough question. What is the outcome of all those hours you are putting in?

If you are happy with the outcome then keep going the way you are.

If not, figure out where your time goes, by tracking your time for a week using a diary or an app like Toggl. Also add the outcome for all those hours you are spending.

After this time tracking, if you see a mismatch in hours you put and the outcome, time to rethink how much time and when you need to spend.

Chances are you’ll cut your working time in half and still get the same work done.

And, if you are really working hard. Then go easy. Don’t feel like you have to do more. Decide ahead, what you want to or have to do in a day and a week and once that is done, Do no more. Enjoy the feeling of ‘done for the day’.

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