A Possible Fix for An Entrepreneurs’ Frustration

I was talking with an agency founder who I am helping with growth.

We were taking stock on things, as part of our regular catch up.

One of my goals for her and other founders is that they become free to do more strategic work, and less grunt work.

Almost all entrepreneurs go through a phase of self doubt where they wonder if they are cut out for this entrepreneurship thing or not.

Such thinking often is a result of lack of growth or frustration of not being able to find the freedom or lifestyle that they thought starting up will afford them.

Entrepreneurial frustration also happens if we look at it as a quick path to riches or fame.

There is a fix to get rid of this frustration.

Take entrepreneurship as an intense self-growth project, a training ground, that prepares you for the game of life and also acts as a creative outlet.

A by-product of training well is faster success, and creative and financial freedom.

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