The Trinity of Success and Your Biggest Competitive Advantage



And, working on big problems can lead you to a path of unprecedented growth and fulfillment that may even surprise you once you experience it.

Each on its own is a big competitive advantage. When you combine all, you put yourself in a position to win.

1/ Energy

Energy keeps us going from moment to moment, day to day.

Calmer your energy the better your chances of enjoying the journey. 

To create a calm and happy energy – move, meditate, keep regular sleep hours, eat slowly and savor your food. Eat food that makes you calm (look up satvik food and you will find options) and have something to look forward to every day.Do more or what energizes you and less of what sucks energy out of you.

Most of us don’t fully recharge our batteries at night, and only work at 60% or 70% potential. That’s why we have to rely on external stimulants to stay alert and get through the day. And, that’s why we don’t get the best value out of our days.

These days of reduced output and living below our potential add up over a period of time. This means, less learning, less earning, and less growth. 

Pay close attention to your energy levels. Without energy, you can’t think, act or focus. Generally healthy people will see a tremendous improvement in their energy levels, just by 3-7 days to getting to bed on time, and sleeping enough.

Once you have the energy figured out, find something that is worth your time and attention. Something that captures your attention to an extent that you don’t have to try to focus.

2/ Big things to work on

What are big things?

Things that help others.

How big?

Big enough to challenge you, excite you and want to work on it for several years.

Any random thing won’t cut it.

Go after something that you have your heart for. Without your heart in it, you may succeed but you won’t enjoy that success.

So what is it that you care about deeply? And what is it where you have put in efforts for a long time? 

In the answer to these questions, you may find your disruptive idea, the big problem to go after.

When you find your big thing you won’t have to try to focus, because that idea will grip you so much that you won’t want to think about anything else.

Finding such a thing takes time. Often we find it by trial and error. You can also be methodical about it by brooding on your passions, your skills and experience, and what has kept your attention over a long period of time.

Until then train your brain to pay attention to whatever you are experimenting with. You need to learn to focus.

3/ Focus

Focus is using your energy on one thing. Moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, and for years.

First train yourself to focus for short periods and that day to day focus takes you through weeks, months and years.

Meditating on what matters to you and tactical stuff like working around pomodoros are good to train your focus muscle.

You can also use time tracking and the big blocks first approach. Reduce distractions further by putting your phone on airplane mode or even better use a dumb or dumbed-down phone.

You can’t focus on something for long, if you don’t see any wins, however small, along the way. So figure out a way to taste some success early in the process or become immensely patient and give yourself a long timeline, like two years, to make something work.

If you are not sure about where to start with it, start with energy, even if you take a month or two to fine tune it.

Then train your focus muscles. With calm energy working for you, focusing won’t be as hard as it seems. 

Whether you want to solve big problems or be content with your current projects, is up to you. Both are fine. Do You.

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