Work on the Right Things and Start Right

If you care about the impact you make and the return on your effort and time, then working on the right thing is most important.

Because if you don’t work on the right thing, you may put in the hardest work with the best team and tools and still won’t get the kind of results you want.

One may ask – what is the right thing?

It is what is right for you. It serves your unique circumstances, is in tune with your ambition and aspiration, and is in sync with your capabilities – either your own or support from others.

Beyond that, do what feels natural, where you feel in your gut to take action. If your actions have implications for others, don’t just go with what you think is right. Add a layer of logic and data. And always think about the downside and how you’ll limit it.

Next up, it is important to start it well.

Because how well you start something has a bearing on how well it goes.

So plan a bit before you start anything to make sure you start well.

It works whether it is about starting a new day, new week, new year, and also for big personal and professional projects.

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