To All the Crazy People of the World

Humans are a crazy lot.

What we do only we can understand.

We follow our love across cities or countries knowing well she or he may already have gone too far.

We let the golden opportunities go past because of that bitch called procrastination.

We imagine someone else’s life is better than ours. It may or may not be true but whatever it is – it has no bearing on our lives.

We let fear get the better of us when we choose to not act on our dreams when we don’t talk to someone we want to talk to.

We also show courage in the face of extreme adversity when no one thinks we can – because in truth we are stranger than we think we are.

We are extremely tiny in the bigger scheme of things. If you are feeling like the supreme lord of the world, pay attention to our tininess.

And if you are feeling a bit down know that we are supremely powerful and can do the unthinkable, unimaginable, and life-changing if we unleash all our inherent power. 

To all fellow humans, whatever we do, let’s live a life bigger than ourselves. 🙂

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