Our Actions Can Change How We Feel

We often pay attention to and do things as per our mood.

We say things like – I am not in a mood right now, or I don’t feel like doing something now.

But there are times when you should ignore how you are feeling or whether you are in a mood to do something or not.

This works well for creative pursuits like making art, writing, or something else that allows you to connect with your core.

So why does ignoring how we feel help in the case of creative pursuits?

Because momentum builds motivation, and when we take action, we find our groove and gain momentum.

If we just went by how we are feeling and let internal resistance take over, we may not be able to do anything worthwhile.

So choose to act despite how you feel.

There are exceptions, of course.

For example, if your body is giving signals like aches and pains, then it is best to avoid workouts. Rest is the best in such a situation.

Or there may be something else that is more important that needs us and our attention, and that’s why we don’t feel like doing what we need to do. In that case, pay attention to what needs your attention.

But more often, it’s about procrastination and internal resistance, resistance that presents itself whenever we try to do something meaningful.

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