Work/Life Boundaries in the Age of Work From Home

For those working from home (WFH), boundaries between work and vacations are blurred.

The reason for this is people themselves and those who they work with.

These blurred lines are not healthy.

Because one needs time away from work to recharge and rejuvenate.

That can’t happen if you continue to check your emails habitually or those who work with you expect you to be available even when you are on vacation and out of the office.

If you work with clients or a team it is up to you, to schedule time away from work, devices, and screens, and to make people understand that when on a vacation you won’t be available, and they should consider you off the grid.

If you are a leader, be sure to approve those vacation requests. 

And if you really care about your own well-being and that of your team, it works the best if the whole team goes on a vacation at the same time. Plan for as many days as you can afford. One week is good, two weeks is great.

To avoid spending days transitioning into vacation mode, practice creating boundaries in the day, where you don’t do anything related to work after a certain time in the day.

That way your brain is trained to go into vacation mode, as soon as you start one.

Wishing you a happy time off!

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