Stages of Growth

Growth is never linear.

We grow slowly, lose momentum, face challenges, grow slowly again, then grow fast, before experiencing another period of slow growth, and at times we may experience a decline.

However fast or slow it is, to grow one has to evolve.

The first stage in this evolution is learning to work. During this stage, you learn to spend time working on your chosen craft. 

The second stage is to improve your skill as you work.

The final stage often speeds up growth is to change your approach, tools you use, people you work with, and most importantly what you work with.

In some cases, people start at the third stage, either because the first thing they started working on is the right thing.

And in all scenarios, you can improve your chances by working with someone who has achieved what you are after, someone who has done it recently.

This works because the guidance and ideas they offer will be current. Of course, what works for someone else may not work for you. But you’ll get a sense of direction to go into, and then you can adapt.

Good luck with your journey of growth.

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