Here Is How To Accomplish Anything

The approach I am sharing will work in most cases if you give yourself enough time.

How much time is enough.

A year.

If you are ready to invest a year of your life to accomplish something worthwhile, then here is how to do it.

Set a daily focus that is aligned with what you want to accomplish in a week, make sure that your weekly focus is aligned with what you want to accomplish in a month.

And make sure that your monthly focus takes you closer to what you want to achieve in a year, with each passing month.

It will only work if you set yourself up for success every day and take time to align your days to weeks, weeks to months, and months to the year.

To set yourself up for success in a day, pick 1-2 tasks that will move you towards your big goal and try to do those tasks first thing every day.

To make it easy try to accomplish anything that you are intrinsically motivated about. That way you won’t have to force yourself to work every day.

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