10 Reasons To Work Less, Especially if You Sit and Work for Hours at a Stretch

1. You are never getting the time back.

2. You need less money than you think you need.

3. It takes a toll on your mental and physical health.

4. You become more present and develop more authentic relationships.

5. It gives you a chance to experience the joy of doing things, which you never do when you are just getting things done.

6. There are better uses of time, like spending it with your loved ones, pursuing hobbies, helping others, and taking care of yourself.

7. If you are overworked, you can make 10x more money with less than the current effort by changing what you work on and who you work with.

8. Because creativity often peaks during leisure hours and not when working. There is a reason why your best ideas come to you when taking a walk, lying down, or in a shower.

9. If you had to, you could work fewer hours and do more than you think you could – if you just learned about setting up systems, processes and finding and working with the right people.

10. Countless studies have shown that we are happier and more satisfied when we work less because there is more space for socializing, relaxing, enjoying food, relationships, and other simple pleasures like being in nature. So many of these things bring more meaning to our lives than just working.

Now, do you want to work less?

If yes, give it a shot.

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