How To Get Anyone’s Attention

Figure out what it is they truly want.

And then give it to them in full or part.

So, think of what everyone wants.

Everyone wants praise, love, a shoulder to rest on, and to have ideas to make this life happier and work more accessible or more impactful.

If you give them what they already have in plenty, they won’t appreciate it as much as if you gave them something they don’t have.

Successful people have money, but they don’t have out-of-the-box ideas to grow their impact or business.

If you go to them with those ideas, they will pay attention.

It’s not that they don’t like appreciation, but if you only praise them, they may not pay much attention. Because they already got enough praise and attention. So combine it with something they can value.

An up-and-coming person may be doing too much and have less time on their hand, so you can offer to help with their current or upcoming pet project.

Help them improve something they made or share ideas to improve it.

Something that the other person can use now than something they may need in the future will give you better results.

This is not the definitive post on this topic, but I hope it gave you some ideas. The core idea is to give people what is missing in their life, and they’d pay attention. 

To find out what they want, observe, and try to get a peek into their world through visualization or by reading/watching what they publish online if they do. You’d be surprised by what you’ll notice if you paid attention.

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