We Already Know What We Need To Know

Understanding and accepting this can set us free.

But we don’t accept it because we need to give ourselves an excuse for not growing.

We use learning as a crutch so that we can tell ourselves a fake story.

The dialogues in this story are like: “Once I learn that new skill, I’ll offer my services to better clients or apply to my dream companies.”

But what you need is not more learning but connecting and reaching out to who you think are right people. When you do it often and enough, you will find what works and find the right people.

A little bit of learning never hurts but it can wait or you can do that on the side while you reach out.

It will be a worthwhile challenge to not buying new books, not take new courses and not read news articles for a month or two and just reach out and connect.

Results just might surprise you 🙂

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