Why I Write

Have you asked yourself why you do what you do?

I asked myself why I write and here is the answer that I came up with.

I write because I want to. My writing on my blog does not make me any money at least directly. If I really did not want to write then no other reason will be strong enough to motivate me to write every day.

There are other reasons too.

I write to download what is in my head.

I write to connect with myself.

I write to record what I am thinking about.

I write to find solutions to challenges that come across.

I write because I see it as a privilege.

I write to keep my thinking and writing muscles active.

I write to make sure that I don’t stagnate because writing makes me feel as if I am alive and doing something worthwhile.

I write because I use it as one of my habit anchors, much like a form of meditation. So I can write and feel grounded when other things are moving around.
If you are looking for more profound reasons why people write then Why I Write by George Orwell.

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