Why Can’t We Sleep?

There are those who can’t sleep because they have insomnia or other sleep disorders.

A vast majority can’t sleep because they have internet.

The Internet opened the world to us but it also erased the boundaries between sleep and wakefulness.

In the old world, during night time we felt tired, went to bed and fell asleep. It was easy for us to follow the body’s call for rest.

With the internet, there is always something to catch up on, to learn or to say. To do that the brain keeps ignoring the body’s cry for sleep.

We all do it in the name of learning and entertainment for relaxation, at the cost of the body’s need for rest. But nothing can match the relaxation and the energy boost that comes from a full night’s sleep.

The irony of writing this past 10 pm on a weekday night is not lost on me. But I am trying and improving. 

Whatever success I had in my own sleep early experiment (and even after the experiment was over) was when I switched off my devices early enough and did not pick them again in the name of entertainment or work after I called it a day.

If you want to sleep early and better then try switching off your devices at 9 or 10. 

I am hopeful that it will work for you.

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