I Failed On Last Month’s Self Growth Experiment. Here Is Why?

You know every month I run a self-growth experiment and report the results and learnings here.

June was the first month in 2019 that I was not able to do what I planned. I wanted it to be otherwise but I am not totally bummed about it.

I failed but I reflected and learned why I didn’t do it. I plan to keep those learnings in mind and do it right in the current month.

I have shared the learning for you to see below but before that a bit about the experiment.

Sleeping early and enough is super important for our well being. I have written multiple times about it here. And, I want to practice what I say.

So in June, I decided to sleep early for at least 21 days.

Sleeping early meant getting in bed by 11 pm every night.

And, I failed big time on this one. I was able to sleep on time only on 3-4 occasions.

Here are the key reasons it did not work for me this time.

  1. I did not commit to it like my earlier experiments.
  2. I did not log it.
  3. I went with the flow. When you are trying to change a habit you need to push yourself a little bit. Which I did not do. 
  4. I didn’t plan well. I think this may be the biggest reason of all. Key to sleeping early is to wake up early and then create a routine that allows you to switch at least three hours ahead of your sleep time. If I had planned for these two things I would have been able to do it. There were days when I was out till late, and on the days when I was home I did not switch off early enough.

All this is something I plan to work on going ahead and get it right because I consider sleep important enough to fix it. So not giving up yet, and giving another shot in July.

Wish me luck 🙂


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