Avoiding Death Before We Are Dead

Most of us need to work every day to keep the wheels spinning, whether at a job or in our business.

This work goes on from morning to evening, leaving no room to learn.

It works until it doesn’t. When one day you find yourself obsolete, out of touch of what’s been changing around you, while you were in ‘work’ mode.

There is only one way out of this, taking time to learn and then integrating what you learn into what you do, day to day.

I wish the time you carve for this learning came out of your work hours. But more often than not, you’ll have to find time for this outside your work hours.

You don’t need hours. 30 minutes a day to learn, and 30 to put it into practice are good. And, you can pull it out of your Netflix or TV time.

Whichever way you do it is worth it because nobody likes to die before they are dead.

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