Where To Publish Content – On Social Media or My Website?

Post content that will be useful in the long run, at least for the next 3-4 years, on your site.

Publish time-sensitive, helpful, or entertaining content that can help people on social media.

Any content that helps you tell your story or show how you have evolved, like a note about business history, an award you won, or coverage you got, can live on your site.

So avoid posting time-sensitive content on your website. 

But you can publish evergreen content on social media. For example, convert an evergreen article into a Twitter thread.

For the ideas where you are not sure whether they belong on social or on your own website/blog, post them on social first.

If your audience engages with it and validates the ideas, and matches the long-term relevance criteria, post a more well-rounded version on the website.

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