Platforms Change. Plan for It While You Still Have Time.

Social platforms and search engines worry about user adoption early in their journey.

Once they have a user base, their quest for revenues and profits becomes more critical.

That’s why early in their journey Facebook offered massive organic reach for anyone who posted quality content consistently.

Brands like BuzzFeed built their early growth on the back of this reach, which resulted in its eventual public listing at $1 Billion plus valuation.

Mark Manson, the bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck has also attributed his broad distribution early in his journey as a creator to Facebook’s reach.

But you can’t do that now because Facebook now wants to sell ads, more and more of them, every passing quarter. 

If they offered organic reach, the brands would have no reason to advertise.

And the priorities of platforms keep changing. For example, when Instagram copied Snapchat to add stories, they pushed stories in users’ feeds, so anyone who went big on stories won big. 

The same is the case with Reels. Instagram copied the feature from TikTok and wants people to use it more. For this, they show Reels to a large part of their audience, getting more people to make Reels.

But this will change like it always changes.

What is working now won’t work tomorrow.

So plan your platform strategy for no more than 12-18 months.

Milk a feature or whatever is working right now on a platform and use it to build an audience you have a direct connection with, either through message or email.

And instead of hacks – focus on fundamentals. Like in the case of search, publish quality content that users will love for a long time and then distribute that content using other tactics.

How will you use it in your business?

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