Here Are 13 Things Successful People Tell Themselves

1. I take full responsibility for my actions.

2. No one owes me anything.

3. I may fail when going for big goals, but I can reduce the size of failure by planning.

4. The world is abundant, and there is enough for everyone.

5. I play the long game, but it does not mean I have to lose in the short run.

6. I alone am responsible for what happens to me, and I can change it.

7. I don’t know it yet, but I’ll figure it out. 

8. Working directly with people who figured it out before is the best way forward.

9. Paying for access is the shortest way to build professional relationships.

10. My life is a sum of thousands of days, and by controlling each day, I can change my life.

11. I am limitless.

12. I don’t have to start with a big success. I can start small and build on what I have.

13. What I work on is the most important decision I’ll make. So that’s why I spend a lot of time thinking about it.

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