First Post and Sense of Gratitude

cafe_gratitudeThis is my first post here. This post is dedicated to the people who have shaped my life so far.

I can’t owe my learning to one single person. I owe it to the parents I was born to, the society I live in, my friends at school, and the people I come across and interact with, on a day to day basis. Everybody has taught me something, some through their love, some through their advice, somebody by sharing and others by asking for help. They have pushed my thoughts into a new territory and I end up interacting with them and interpreting things in a certain way. That’s learning for me.

This blog is also dedicated to you; the reader who is reading these words now and who is most likely be an important force in shaping the future course of things here.

That means if you like what is written here you will share it with others. Hopefully you will like what I write here. Not because it is beautiful prose; but because it will help your life in a fuller way and take you closer to your dreams. My best intention is to help you achieve all your goals and desires which are in your and the planet earth’s best interest.

Some of my goals of reaching out the world through this blog may sound lofty. But that is what my ultimate intention is. Hope you will be with me on this journey of reaching out to our fellow beings.

My aspiration through this blog is to take my personal development experience to new level. Throughout this journey I will share my experiences and learning so far with you. Hope you will find them useful.

Here, I would like to make a special mention of two individuals who have been a major influence in my personal development journey – Tony Robbins and Steve Pavlina. Tony’s books have been my constant companions during my days at Graduate School and Steve’s writing has been inspiring me to be a better person. He has also been an inspiration for me in starting this blog.

They say a journey of 1000 miles will begin with a single step. Hope that we will all learn as we move ahead; because as I write, the journey has already started.


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