Two Ways of Growing a Business

There are two ways of growing a business.

1. Like the rookie entrepreneur
2. Like the seasoned entrepreneur

Let’s learn more about each of these.

1. Like the Rookie Entrepreneur

This is how most entrepreneurs operate.

They try to do everything themselves.

This happens because most entrepreneurs have limited resources in the beginning of their entrepreneurial life.

So they try to save money by spending time.

The most common outcome in this scenario is that the entrepreneur remains average for a long time.

2. Like the Seasoned Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who either have a coach guiding them or who are not first time entrepreneurs use this approach.

These entrepreneurs get help to move and improve faster.

They invest money to gain time and then reinvest that time in learning for fast growth.

As a result they witness 10x evolution and growth.

Which kind of entrepreneur you’d like to be?

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