Lessons for Founders and Creators

1/ Good writing comes from living an interesting life.

2/ Your best investment is the investment in yourself.

3/ We like stability but growth comes from seeking change.

4/ Build credibility to sell easily. without it you won’t sell much.

5/ Learning to ignore things you don’t need or want in your life is a superpower.

6/ You need idle time as much as hard work, to explore, mix and come up with new ideas.

7/ Life is more fun when you do something for its own sake and not as a means to an end.

8/ Who follows you matters more than how many follow you on social media, except when you are trying to become an influencer.

9/ A job can make you rich but you’ll never have freedom until you can use the money you earn at a job to fund investments to secure your future.

10/ With a routine you don’t have to tell your brain and body what they need to do because they already know what a particular time is for.

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