The War-Time CEO

The worst seems to be getting over.

But COVID isn’t over yet.

And, most entrepreneurs are still fighting the battle that started early this year.

During normal times, a CEO should have only three goals: ensuring there is cash in the bank, hiring the right people and ensuring that everyone knows what they are working towards.

For a war time CEO, during times like we have been going through, these goals change a bit. 

A war time CEO needs to:

# Still ensure that there is cash in the bank and also set the vision. To ensure there is cash in the bank, she needs to keep the thinking cap on, and figure out how to stay relevant in current times.

# Take care of employees more than ever, and ensure that they are able to efficiently perform their duties.  

# Be proactive about communication with customers, audience and the investors if they are there.

# And more than anything else, unwind and recharge to ensure that she is thinking clearly and in a good place mentally. Because then only she can lead well.

How are you working through these times as an entrepreneur? What’s on top of your mind?

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