10 Ideas to Sell More by Reducing Perceived Risk

This is for those entrepreneurs who think that need to sell low to sell more.

Businesses when buying from other businesses almost never base their decision on price.

Instead they look at which of the available options is a safe choice.

Which is why they pay a premium for a product which they think will do the job and not fail them, even when there is a cheaper option available.

Here are more ideas on how you can reduce perceived risk for buyers and sell more.

  1. Offer a steep discount on first month’s fees in case of subscription product
  2. Offer ‘no questions asked refund early in the relationship
  3. Let people try before they buy by offering a free trial
  4. Offer outcome-based pricing
  5. Write and showcase detailed case studies and get your buyers to see them
  6. Reduce ambiguity by listing deliverable or create a thoroughly detailed workflow
  7. Ask an existing customer to introduce you to a new customer
  8. Become the gold standard for the product you offer in your industry
  9. Get happy customers to write or record testimonials for you
  10. Show up on a platform where your potential customers hang out and share your knowledge so that your customers feel they know you and can trust.

Hope these ideas will help you reduce the perceived risk for your buyers and help you sell more.

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