How To Build Visibility and Expertise Together

Expertise and skills are at the core of professional success.

One needs focused effort for each of these.

The usual approach is to get inside a box to learn and take your expertise to the world once you think you are at a good enough level.

But this wastes a lot of time which is limited.

The best strategy is to build both together.

So, for one thing, you want to get good at and also want to be known for.

Every day:

Learn for 1 hour 

Practice for 1 hour


Take 10-15 minutes to share what you learn on a public platform.

Do this for nine months.

Share for the first three months as a learner.

Following three months share as a practitioner, and 

For the next three months, share as an expert or someone who shows results.

Early in the process, you’ll build a tribe of fellow learners.

Once you start sharing your learnings as a practitioner, other practitioners and those who can work with you will take note.

And as you develop your expertise and continue sharing, your tribe will continue to grow, and the quality of those who connect for partnerships and want to work with you also increase.

Such consistency and commitment are not easy.

But the rewards will be great.

And it will be much better than a 5-8 year slow ramp of building expertise and visibility.

You decide – whether you want to go with the 9-month or the 90-month approach? 

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