Who Does Not Make a Good Co-Founder?

Even when a person is well-meaning, they won’t make a good co-founder for the following reasons.

1/ Different Priorities

Like family vs. startup. You may be focusing on the startup, and they are most focused on their family. One co-founder wants to build a lifestyle business. Another founder wants to build a high-growth startup.

2/ Energy Mismatch

You are willing to work for 8 hours, and the co-founder is not committing that much.

3/ No skin in the game

You may have invested your hard-earned money in the business with many stakes, and they may be experimenting with a new career, this startup thinking.

4/ Different values

You may be conservative looking to build a cash flow rich business, and your cofounder may want to take significant risks.

5/ Not able to talk through difficult situations

There will be disagreements when building a business. However, it is tough to build a long-term partnership if you can’t respectfully discuss the situations and find ways out.

6/ Different financial situations and goals

One is willing to wait, and the other wants a payout soon.

Are you looking for a co-founder? Then watch out for these red flags.

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