How To Get Out Of Idea Desert

Most professionals think it is worthwhile to publish content on platforms where their audience hangs out.

Many of them feel that they don’t have time to do it.

Those who have time feel they don’t have ideas.

It is simple enough to get out of this desert.

Here is how:

If there is inertia or lack of ideas, in the beginning, start by adding your thoughts to content others have posted.

Do this for a month, 15-20 minutes every day.

It will give you both ideas and momentum. 

Don’t fear what people will think about your opinion.

Don’t worry about others. 

We make stories about what people think about us. Truth is no one, who is not in your life, thinks about you because they are busy with their own lives.

They are busy with their worries, goals, and life, and also thinking about what others are thinking about them so that they don’t bother thinking about others. 

Think about it – do you analyze comments by others at all or for more than a few seconds? No, right, then why will others think about you?

So in 15-20 minutes, you set aside, post as many comments as you can. Don’t overthink. A few words of appreciation or saying that something resonated with you, plus some thoughtful comments to add to the discussion by sharing something extra, will be a good starting point.

Do it for 90 days and come back to tell me how it goes.

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