Unlimited Opportunities

Dymaxion, Buckminster fuller vision of a futuristic car.
1933 Dymaxion prototype by Buckminster Fuller. He shaped the future with his ideas & work.

We are living in a time of unlimited opportunities.

All within the reach of those who decide to stretch their imagination and execute until its done.

Imagination and execution these words are important.

You can imagine and execute better if you look at components that fuel these two.

Imagination is fueled by the cross-pollination of ideas and unique insights. Insights and new ideas come from inner exploration, exposure to what’s going around and thinking about the problem that you or the world is facing. Times, when we are doing nothing, also help fuel the imagination.

Execution is fueled by a commitment to doing what needs to be done, personal effectiveness, getting help and sheer energy.

I write a lot about these two and the parts that make them. So, when you read my posts about habits, doing the work, and embracing silence –  you find me addressing the theme of imagination and execution.

My writing is part documentation and part sharing.

If it makes you think or gets you to take action then my job is done.

So here is my nudge, my little prompt for today.

Take another look at the parts that make imagination and execution. Here they are,

  • Inner exploration,
  • free time doing nothing,
  • seeking interesting ideas,
  • meeting those doing remarkable work,
  • personal effectiveness,
  • elevating energy and
  • trying to be a better person.

Now, see how you can do one or more of these every day.
You may not see big changes in a day or a week but over time it’ll compound and you may disrupt the market to make your billions.


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