Two Paths: Which One Will You Take?

Life at crossroads, which path to take

“Start by picking a hard problem, and then at every decision point, take the harder choice.”

– Paul Graham

Innovators, doers, and ambitious creators take this path with hard choices.

There is another path. The path of least resistance. Doing the least. Going with the flow.

It is good to think about the choices we are making, how we are thinking and how we are living life, once in a while.

Today may be that day.

Our choices in life –  the path we chose – are defined by who we want to become, and at times by our current stage of life.

I’d argue that when you are young, active and don’t have a lot on the stake then you should take the path with harder choices. Keep up the pace and course correct when you fail. This approach will give you skills and mindset that’ll serve you well at every stage in life.

Because when you work at hard problems even if you don’t create material assets you get skills that are unique and valuable.

The first path is definitely not about risking a lot. It is more about being alert, seeking hard problems, overcoming fear of making mistakes and sloth, and working hard while you can.

The choice is yours. It always is.

Which one will you choose?

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