How To Become An Expert 

How to become an expert

So you want to become an expert?

It is not that complex.

It starts with learning, applying what you learn and sharing it.

I have written elsewhere on this blog about learning.

Today I will focus on why and how of sharing.


Because YOU matter.

Your growth matters.

The value you extract out of life matters and what you give back matters.

All these are more important than becoming an expert.

But becoming an expert in itself a worthwhile goal. If you become an expert the market values your more and door of unseen opportunities open for you.

Sharing is one big tactic that you can use on your way to expertise in any field.

Most of us do not share what we learn. It puts a small number amongst us who share in a position of strength as a go-to person in a group. Bigger the group better it is. But you don’t need to start with a big group.


Start with your immediate circle.

Your colleagues or friends.

Write a note, share with them and get feedback.

Once you can get good at what you do, ask this small group to share with their friends.

When your sharing group starts becoming bigger start an email list. This is how Maria Popova, the creator of Brain Pickings, started. Brain Pickings started as a weekly email to even of her friends around 2006.

Start a blog. Nir Eyal, well known behavioral design expert and bestselling author, started a blog to learn about consumer psychology and behavioral design. In the process, he became an expert and ended up writing a bestselling book on the topic.

There are many examples of people who have created huge careers by sharing what they learned and positioned themselves as an expert. Enough for you to take the leap of faith and go on this path.

Do not catch ‘I am yet not an expert’ syndrome and think that I’ll not share until I am an expert.

Be clear that you are learning and want to share what you are learning. Not a lot of people do not this.

Now stop reading this and send an email to a friend about what you learned today or in the past week. Share a link to this post?

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