Unfinished Business

Every day you do what needs to be done.

You work on ongoing important and not so important stuff.

But there are certain items that fall through the cracks because there are limited hours in a day. It may be as simple as returning a call, applying for re-issuance of a passport or as big as plotting your next big life or work move.

You triage and decide to ignore many of these because they don’t matter much for you and don’t impact your work, life or happiness.

But there are things that are too important to be ignored for long.

You should find time to pull such things from ‘unfinished business’ pool and work on completing them. It is ok if you have to take a break just to tackle such items.

Because if you let this unfinished business pile up it can affect your efficiency and well being.

Do you think you have such unfinished business in your life that you need to make room for?

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