The Fallacy Of Doing More To Get More Done

“I need to work longer and harder to do and achieve more.”

This is how most of us think.

What if I told you that it’s not the only way to do things?

There is another way that involves gaining leverage and using it to grow and achieve what we want.

To gain leverage, we need to build assets that others can reproduce for us or consume in our absence.

Software is an asset like this. So are books. Blogs, YouTube shows, and podcasts also come close.

For each of these, you can get others to help you with the product, production, distribution, and monetization. All these are important steps in building and growing such assets. 

In case you can’t get such help due to the lack of money or access to people with expertise, then you’ll have to spend more time to create such assets yourself. Though you have better chances of success if you have help.

In either case, once you are past this stage you can take it easy. You can then build your work and life around your own choices and what you enjoy.

Do you want to follow this path?

It starts with the belief that it’s doable. Once you accept it then you look around and think of ways to gain leverage and act on it.

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