One Benchmark To Elevate Your Work

Steven Spielberg watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ before filming every new movie. He says it reminds him what a job well-done looks like.

Instead of relying on several movies he has one that he considers the benchmark for excellence. This is super efficient and smart because he does have to think about where to find inspiration when he needs it the most, that is right before starting filming.

What if you find your ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and use it to get inspired every time you start on an important project. 

Because a good benchmark is not only a point that you measure your work against, it is also an inspiration and a reminder of what good work looks like. It can even become your muse.

It can be a talk so good that you can watch it before your prep for your own, a well written book or even a great article you read before you write your own, or the story of building a business based on proven principles.

Will you find such a benchmark and a source of inspiration useful?

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