Two questions

Question MarkAsk these two questions and you will spend your time better and get more out of your life.

Why am I doing this?
Is there a better way?

Why am I doing this?

Ask this question because you are accountable to yourself before you are to anybody else.

When you ask this — you move close to your dreams and give yourself a chance to live in sync with the purpose of your life.

I ask myself, “Why I write?” The answer I give myself, “To reach out to the world and make a difference.”

I see as a destination where people from all walks of life gather to find happiness and success. I write to provide value, connect and learn. I also write to find inspiration and gather my thoughts on a continuous basis. I appreciate this opportunity to make a difference.

Why I work? To make money, find meaning, learn and grow. It is also to appreciate the gift of life.

Ask yourself why are you doing – what you are doing?

Ask why you work? The answer for most of the people will be to make a living. For others it may be to find or live their life’s purpose or to help a large group of people.

Ask the same question about running your business or running your family (this is an important task, if you will agree).

Ask why you are in a particular relationship — business or personal — is it helping and keeping both/or all parties happy?

Ask if it some mindless activity that you are engaged in or something that you have thought about. Many of us stay in dead end jobs thinking that they may not get a better one. This is undermining the potential. Each one of us has immense possibilities within us only if we believe in it.

Is there a better way?

This is the second question to ask. This will help you become more effective in whatever you do.

Ask (depending on your situation) if there is better way to;

  • Run a business | Ideas: Find your tag team partner, think on paper, make plans, finish what your start.
  • Do a job | Ideas: Try working 4×4, delegate, give people creative space, ask for help.
  • Make Money | Ideas: Work on tasks that pay better for every hour that you spend.
  • Connect with people | Ideas: Meet in person with people who matter to you, really love people and say that you do.
  • Live Life | Ideas: Take time to know your life’s purpose; make an attempt to live to the fullest, spend time with friends and family,
  • Grow | Ideas: Write regularly, take time to read and think, learn to ask for help and sincerely try to help people, show up when and where it matters.

When you ask these questions you bring some thoughts into your way of living life and your actions. This is mindful way of living the life; better than mindless activity.

When you ask these questions you will be successful and happy. Achieving both in tandem is better than only achieving success and no happiness.

Do you really want to do what you are doing? Is there a better way?

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