Two Meals a Day [Nov 2019 Experiment]

In Nov  I decided to have 2 meals a day.

I logged what and when I was eating at the beginning of the months but later I chose to play it by ear.

I started getting ready for this experiment in October.

After my no food only water experiment I decided to do another experiment because there was still plenty of time left in the month.

Some background on why I chose this experiment. 

See I am a firm believer that we are eating too much, which is making us lazy, less productive and unhealthy.

Another thing is that when we eat the usual three meals a day it leaves us a short window when we are not eating. This is not healthy because it interferes with the body’s natural healing process.

Cutting 1 main meal out of my day, I tackled many of these issues all at once.

I had hoped that this experiment would help me eat less, get leaner, improve digestion, increase my non-eating window and energy. And, leave me with more time and energy to work on things that matter in my life.

I didn’t become lean but I noticed all other positive effects that I shared above.

How it went?

I was able to adhere to it in the sense that the days when I had breakfast were rare.

The ideal situation would have been no drinks in between or no snacks in between but I could not manage.

I’d call it a success.

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