Eating At Home [Dec 2019 Experiment]

The past couple of months were busy times for me.

With travel and meetings keeping me away from home often, I was eating out a lot.

And, I had experienced that meals at home were more satisfying. So in December I decided to eat at home more often and turned it into the last of my 2019 experiment.

As part of the experiment, I decided to eat at least 20 meals at home. I was able to do it because I home for the first 4 days of the month and then over a couple of weekends I made it a point to stay home so that I could eat at home.

My November experiment of eating twice a day also helped so on the days I wasn’t travelling I made sure that I scheduled my meetings for the day after an early lunch.

All in all this experiment made me more conscious of how food affects our bodies and how eating at home is not that bad 🙂

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