How To Go Big After Initial Success

A client in the UK specializes in growing cash flow and profitability for established businesses and has helped ventures doing up to £40 million in revenues.

Now, he wants to grow his venture, increase the scale of his impact, and play on a bigger global stage. Together we are working through a detailed action plan to make this a reality.

Here are the broad strokes of the plan, which you too can use if you have tasted some success and want to go big.

How To Go Big, In The Face Of Established Competition

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use proven frameworks to accelerate growth and success.
  2. Find your one thing, through short run experiments of 60-90 days.
  3. Focus on quality, but don’t go too slow because speed matters
  4. Brand first before selling
  5. Craft a strategy before thinking of tactics. Even when you start with tactics in your head, make sure they are aligned to a bigger goal
  6. Don’t wait too long to sell, even with new plans and products, don’t wait more than 3 or 4 months to sell.
  7. Learn from and work with experts. The best situation is if you can get such an expert to work with you as an advisor who also guides you through execution.
  8. Play to your strengths, but don’t be scared of little discomfort which is expected when trying to go beyond where you are.
  9. Plan well, but don’t wait for a perfect plan to get started.
  10. Show your work. Don’t wait to be perfect but practice and polish your work before you show because of first impression matters.
  11. Work on backend first, before building frontend. And, always craft words before building designs.
  12. Play in the blue ocean but make an attempt to differentiate through quality, relevance, and consistency.
  13. Build leverage platform by platform – instead of trying to carpet bomb everything and spreading yourself thin.

And, you don’t need 10 years to make a mark, but give it 3 years. 

Use content + paid campaigns in year 1 to build awareness, launch a book, do a nationwide tour + PR in year two for creating influence, and in the 3rd year find bigger distribution through media syndication, go all out to build movement and clone yourself to take your work and ideas, much like Marie Kondo and how she has transcended borders through her method, and then used book, Netflix show and myriad partnership to create massive recall through the word.

You are smart enough, already have the experience, platforms, and support you need to build the brand of your dreams. Now, start and continue until you reach where you want to.

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