A Publishing Plan for Twitter to Turn Your Twitter Presence Into a Success

New creators on Twitter often wonder how often they should publish on Twitter.

Whether there should be once a day, more often, or less frequently.

Here is what I recommend.

Start by publishing 1x a day. Once in AM. This will help build a publishing rhythm.

Scale to 2x a day. Once in AM, once in the PM. This will help you be seen at different times.

Eventually, increase it to 3x a day. Once in AM, once in PM, and once in the evening.

Parallel to this, comment under big accounts in your niche.

This will increase the visibility of your nascent account.

Do the above over 3-6 months.

By doing this, you should reach past 500-1000 impressions per post.

After this, start reposting your best tweets from the past 3-6 months.

This will help you increase better visibility.

Once you reach 2k impressions per post, scale down your number of tweets from 3 to 1 tweet a day while keeping the engagement on other accounts at the same level.

By doing this over 6-12 months, you’ll call your Twitter efforts a success and will organically find ideas to leverage your Twitter presence to realize bigger goals.

Give it a shot, and let me know how it goes.

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