Win Over Algorithm By Understanding How It Works

Ideally, if you post something on your chosen social platform, all your connections will see it.

Since this will overwhelm users, the platform chooses what you’ll see. 

For a large-scale platform, these choices can’t be random.

That’s why each platform creates a set of rules that must be followed to achieve desired results — which is ‘reach’ in the case of a social platform.

Understanding these rules better helps you increase the reach of your content.

For example, let me share what works on LinkedIn to increase the reach of your posts.

Tag influencers when posting on a relevant topic to that influencer’s following. 

This alone won’t increase your reach. You have to involve that influencer, and if they comment on your post, the reach of your post will increase.

I have seen this approach resulting in a 5-50x increase in reach.

On a platform like Facebook, this increase may not be as high as on LinkedIn, but there will still be an increase.

You can also use this approach outside of social content posting. 

For example, if you are launching an important product, you can involve 10-20 influencers in that space and get them to talk about the product at the time of launch.

This will create multiples of visibility without investing in ads.

Try it and see how it works for you.

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